Saturday, 10 September 2005

Two more little news items about our performance on University Challenge. Firstly from the Ephraim Hardcastle column in last Wednesday's Daily Mail:
There's great merriment in medialand over The Economist, which employs some of our more snooty journalists, being defeated 200 to 185 by the Romantic Novelists' Association on Monday's University Challenge. 'No one will talk about it,' whispers my source at The Economist's St James's Street HQ.
Thanks to Jill Mansell for flagging that one up.

Then from Nicholas Clee's "Hot Type" column in today's Times:
A general fondness for patronising romance may have influenced this defensive headline, "Romantic novelists have brains", announcing that the Romantic Novelists' Association had reached the final of University Challenge - The Professionals. Yes, of course you do dears. Watch out on Monday when BBC Two broadcasts their deciding clash with the Privy Council Office.
Thanks to Jane Gordon-Cumming for that one.

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