Saturday, 19 August 2006

Back from Italy. Not the smoothest of Grand Tours, as a result of Mrs Wenlock slipping and falling on the way down from the Tarpeian Rock. She did not hurt herself quite as badly as, say, Spurius Cassius did, but she did break her arm and dislocate her shoulder. She therefore returned home to recuperate, leaving me to continue the adventure together with the Wenlock Heir.

Over the next few days I will post some edited highlights of our peregrinations, starting with What We Read On Our Tour, and going on to cover such issues as the best meals we had (although Wenlock does not claim to be a foodblog), the best frescoes (although Wenlock is also no artblog), and the best elephants we saw (which is closer to Wenlock core business). Regency allusions will probably be thin on the ground, but I shall do my best to slip them in when I can.


Gabriele C. said...

Poor Mrs Wenlock. Hope she's better.

No Regency allusions? Wasn't it part of a gentleman's education to make the Grand Tour which included Italy?

Did you by chance make any pics of the Roman times of Rome? Even though Wenlock is no Roman blog, either. :)

Stephen said...

There will be pictures of Roman Ostia in due course. I took pictures of the Forum and the Colosseum too, but they are no better than what you can find anywhere on the web.

Alex Bordessa said...

The Wenlock Heir has excellent taste in reading materials :-) Yes please to pix of Ostia.