Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Thanks to Bookslut for alerting me to Leah McLaren's recent piece in the Toronto Globe and Mail.
"How's your book going?" has become my least favourite question. I used to think writers didn't like talking about their works-in-progress because they were afraid people would steal their brilliant ideas. Now I know the truth. Writers hate talking about their books because they're sick to death of them. That and the fact that, on any given day, they secretly suspect that their books might stink.
Of course my current work-in-progress doesn't stink, but I still worry that everybody else will think that it does.


Bookwormom said...

Mr.Bowden~ Found your blog via Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Speaking strictly for myself, please hurry up & pub your Regency!! I love spies & intrigue & well..

Hope you persevere. Fans await.

Michelle Miles said...

Of course my WIP stinks. I have low writer-esteem (as opposed to self-esteem). Yours sounds dreamy, though, and I hope it does see publication.

PS found your blog from Grumpy Old Bookman.

Mags said...

I was starting to consider killing my main characters because I was so sick of them in the last novel.

And another reader coming via the Smart Bitches.