Thursday, 21 July 2005

There is an interesting piece by Bobbie Johnson in today's Guardian on writers and the web. It looks at the use made of the web by three writers - J K Rowling, Chris Cleave and Jasper Fforde. Johnson concludes that the web has not, as might have been expected, killed the art of reading books.
Science fiction has a long history of slavish, unsociable technology addicts who trade in their real lives for virtual ones. But the greatest fear of the literary world - that people would stop reading books altogether - now seems as absurd as the plot of a melodrama. Not only is today's wired society reading more, but it has found new ways to support its reading habits: through websites, instant messaging and email. The web is just another weapon in the author's arsenal.
The greatest fear of the literary world? Or a slightly sensationalist hook on which to hang an otherwise sensible article?

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