Friday, 14 October 2005

I'm still waiting to hear from the RNA New Writers' Scheme. It's only been two weeks since I submitted, so it's not as if I was expecting to have heard by now, but I do feel in something of a writing limbo. I am coming up with plenty of ideas for my next book (Lady Cardington's Folly; or, the Limehouse Leviathan), but I am not actually writing anything down at present. It's like this. If Lord Alexander's Cipher; or, the Bridekirk Behemoth comes back with a report that says that there are major flaws in my writing, the chances are that anything that I have written subsequently will have the same flaws, and will need to be junked so I can start again. If, on the other hand, LA'sC;o,tBB comes back with a basically positive crit then I will want to get stuck into fixing what needs to be fixed and getting it out to agents etc before starting the LC'sF;o,tLL.

On the positive side, when I am writing I find that I don't drink much and I don't read much. So until that heavy package comes thumping onto the doormat there are two things that I can enjoy catching up on.


annie h said...

Dear Stephen,
I would like to wish you all the best with your new book.Treat yourself to a nice drink now!
All the best

Julie said...

That's funny. I tend to drink much, much more when I'm writing. Wonder why.

Reaches for bottle of wine stashed behind monitor

Nina said...

"Writing limbo" exactly describes my state of mind after sending off the manuscript to the NWS, too. But there's worse to come. Ever since I got my report, my brain has been absolutely seething with ideas, scenes, bits of dialogue. This ain't limbo, this is hell.