Monday, 9 January 2006

This slapping business is catching on. The Romantic Novelists' Association have just launched a new questionnaire in the run up to Valentine's Day, and the question they are asking is
Which heroine would you most like to slap?
The options are:
  • Catherine Linton from Wuthering Heights;
  • Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind;
  • Bridget Jones from, er, Bridget Jones' Diary;
  • Arwen Evenstar (surely "Undomiel") from Lord of the Rings;
  • Fanny Price from Mansfield Park; and
  • the unnamed second Mrs de Winter from Rebecca.
It would be unethical for me to reveal where the Wenlock vote went, although I will say that one response to "tomorrow is another day" might be "for you, not necessarily".

Let's get voting.


Irate Mama said...

Frankly my dear I think I followed your lead but since the debutant told me about it I can safely say that I was unaware at the time of voting. The debutant is not as well readas she thinks she is sometimes and missed the clue!

meowqueen said...

What, no Jane Eyre option?

Liz Fielding said...

They all need a slap, but faced with a choice between a hoyden and a prig... No contest.

Frank said...

I certainly hope you were credited with the original idea by the RN! Nobody slaps like you!

Douglas Hoffman said...

I'm with meowqueen. Jane Eyre! Jane Eyre! Mr. Rochester's toe-rag.