Saturday, 8 April 2006

Wenlock Books has been nominated for an award.

Nothing to do with me, or this blog, however. The Wenlock Books in question is a small bookshop in Much Wenlock which has been nominated for the National Book Trade Award for independent bookshop of the year (thanks to Galleycat for the tip-off).

While I was in Shropshire last May, writing a fair chunk of Lord Alexander's Cipher; or, the Bridekirk Behemoth (thanks for the suggestions for alternative titles - I still haven't hit on the perfect one quite yet), I visited Wenlock Books. They manage to cram a huge number of books into a very small space, and they tended to be books that I wanted to read, rather than the latest ghost-written celebrity autobiography.

I'd like to wish them the best of luck with the award, which will be announced on 9 May.

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nicki said...

Really glad you liked Wenlock Books, which is a bit of a beacon in the independent bookshop world. We are in the nerve-racking process of setting up a small independent bookshop this summer and it is shops such as Wenlock which makes you realise independents can still compete in the high street. I'd be really interested to know what books grabbed your interest as there are so many books published yet so many bookshops do manage to look the same. We are busy compiling a wish list for when we do our initial stock order (tempting though it is to fill it with all of our favourites).
Loved the competition entry and add our congratulations to the many.