Monday, 10 July 2006

Almost three weeks since I last posted. This really isn't good enough.

The last few weekends have seen a fair amount of upheaval at Wenlock Chase, with my books and computer coming down from the spare bedroom to the downstairs library, and Mrs Wenlock's books and computer going in the other direction.

I have been trying to turn the chaos to advantage by taking the opportunity to catalogue all my books on Library Thing. I suspect that I am not the only thingabrarian to pause at a fairly early stage in the cataloguing process with only the first chunk of books done. I am almost certainly not the only one to start at the beginning of the alphabet. This tendency might go some way to explaining why, in an author cloud dominated by writers of SF, one of the biggest names (literally) is Jane Austen.

My own collection, as far as it has been catalogued, can be seen as a cloud, or in full.

On top of all this cataloguing activity I have been away at the Romantic Novelists' Association's Annual Conference, which took place this year just outside Penrith, on the edge of the Lake District. I'll say some more about all that in a later post.


Anne Weale said...

Stephen - great to have you back at long last.

Have been seriously bored by the Beau Brumell photo.

Looking forward to your take on the conference.


Laura V said...

Oh, I was rather enjoying that photo. Every day I'd come past, see Stephen hadn't posted anything new and then console myself by looking at the photo. Shallow of me, I know, but I do love the supercilious expression.