Monday, 22 August 2005

If you have been following the current series of University Challenge - The Professionals you will have learned that the team from the Romantic Novelists' Association made it through to the semifinals with the highest first round score. We will be appearing in the second semifinal, which, last time I heard, was due to be broadcast on 5 September.

This series of University Challenge - The Professionals is not Wenlock's first appearance on this particular programme. I first made an appearance in 1981 for Girton College, Cambridge. The rest of the team were Sue Gill, who answered most of the questions, Shelley Eyre, our long-suffering captain, and Anna O'Connor, who shocked the more upright of Girton's alumnae by not being as ladylike as they would have wished (quite what they thought of me, I'm not sure.) In those halcyon black and white Bamber Gascoigne days teams had to win three games in a row to make it through to the knockout stages. This we did, defeating Leicester, Royal Holloway and somebody else, before going down in the quarterfinals to a team from Queen's University, Belfast, who went on to win the series.

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I don't know what has become of Sue, Shelley or Anna, but if anybody sees them, tell them "hi" from me (they may not look exactly as they do in the photo, of course).


Mags said...

Do you still have the gonk?

Stephen said...

Not that actual one - Sue made it, and equipped it with a Girton scarf and matching cap. I saw a related one that she made for me (she produced dozens) last time we moved house. It is probably at the bottom of a binliner full of cuddly toys sitting on top of a wardrobe.

I am not sure to whom the rabbit puppet, up whose bum my hand is depicted shoved, belonged.

Unknown said...

Sue says: no I didn't make it, it was made by a friend's mum, as was yours (I don't think I have ever made a cuddly toy). What am I doing these days? I'm an audit manager for EY and a priest in the Church of England.