Tuesday, 30 August 2005

They may seem an unlikely bunch of quiz boffins but Stephen Bowden and colleagues from the Romantic Novelists' Association have proved they've got what it takes.
The Gloucestershire Echo have put their interview with me onto page 3 under the headline Love conquers Uni Challenge. The online version lacks a not-particularly-flattering photo of me standing in front of a bookshelf full of Mrs Wenlock's mediaeval history books, and a copy of the official team photograph.

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Alex Bordessa said...

That's a pretty good little article there. It won't do you any harm :-)

I swear newspaper photographers take the worst shot they can. I worked in a picture library of a local newspaper for a short while, and they certainly chose the worst ones they could from the archive, that I do know! If there was a decent one of someone, but a photo of the same person with an odd expression, they'd always choose the latter.