Tuesday, 2 August 2005

I'm very grateful to Pam Cleaver for pointing me at Rachel Deahl's piece in the Book Standard on blogs and bestsellers. Blogging is clearly the perfect short-cut to fame and fortune. If Wonkette can parlay 50,000 hits per day into a $275,000 book contract then Wenlock must be worth, well, hmmm... maybe I shouldn't give up the day job just yet. Nor indeed the novel, which is going OK since you ask.

Stephanie Klein's blog seems to have netted her an even bigger publishing deal than Wonkette's. This is probably at least in part because of the candid discussion of her life of sex, shopping and relationship angst in New York. Not something that I can really compete with here in Cheltenham ("Centre for the Cotswolds" - never trust a town that uses a preposition that isn't the obvious one). But I won't give up just yet. Perhaps I should blog more about the progress of my side whiskers.


wendywoo said...

Every day I expect someone to offer me a huge book deal for my blog... but I think there may be too many references to ants and mice in it at the moment. :)

StephGoldstein said...

My sister and I are totally getting a book deal. Read our fabulous, totally unpretentious, definitely not a joke blog, and you'll see.