Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Well, I'm back for a few days at least. I will post up until Sunday and then disappear off until the following weekend.

Regency slang term of the day (and its disreputable little sister) will be on hold for the time being, unless I find out that it was the only reason any of you ever read Wenlock.


Alex Bordessa said...

Aw, Stephen, I was enjoying the Regency slang! I know zip about this period, so was fascinated :-(

Gabriele C. said...

Hi Stephen,

as a male Romance writer, could you perhaps visit Doug's blog and reply to this question?

BTW I don't read your blog for the Regency slang, but for the entries, though I'm a somewhat lazy commentor - or rather, don't find anything intelligent to say most of the time. ;)

Stephen said...

Gabriele - your wish is my command. I have commented. I might also post something on the issue here on Wenlock too, if I have anything left to say.

Gabriele C. said...

Your wish is my command.

Gotta love those Regency writers. :)

Thanks for posting. I'm interested in the subject, too, because I tend to write what I think is rather male literature (male MCs, lots of fighting, all that bonding and comraderie stuff ...) thus coming from the other side of the medal. Though it may well be that the female writer shines through because I make the guys hot. *grin*